Redundancy Planning

So I had my interview yesterday and it went well and I actually enjoyed some of it :).... my new job is a great stepping stone..... it opens many more doors in the future.....Anyway, thank you so much for all your help and confidence building.   - Mel, recently redundant

Having to make people redundant­is one of the most stressful experiences you will undertake at work. It is vital for all those involved that­the process is planned and­implemented thoughtfully and with dignity.

Nail That Job offers an objective redundancy support­service to organisations, from review of the current workforce against projected needs, to helping you design appropriate selection criteria, handling the necessary communications and supporting your managers who need to break the bad news. Ensure that you lead a fair process that results in the right skills remaining in your organisation and enables those who have to go, to leave with dignity and future positive­publicity for your organisation. Contact us on or phone 01789 740948 to discover how we can help you lead your staff productively through redundancy.

"Thoroughly expert advice from 'Nail that Job' in human resources, risk reduction and legal requirements enabled our business to manage the potentially challenging process of redundancy and staffing reductions, whilst maintaining high levels of achievement and morale in the workforce". ­ Business Director