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Again, many thanks for your help.  The questions you highlighted came up in all 3 of my interviews so far and its definitely comforting to keep one step ahead of the action!  - Recent graduate, securing 1st career post

select the right candidate for you

Nail That Job offers a cost effective solution that will plant up to date  skills and knowledge in your managers and ensure that  your business stays in control of the entire selection process. We can train your managers in all aspects of recruitment in the modern labour market, focusing on precisely the right areas for your business. Our core trainer is an experienced recruiter and trainer of recruiters with contemporary recruitment experience in a range of job roles to help  you through the process.  If time is your most precious resource, then let us handle the process of finding the right person for your vacancy. Contact us now on  or on 01789 740948 to find out how to develop your recruitment skills and knowledge and secure the best candidates for all your future vacancies.

Ensure that you discover  the right person for your vacancy, stay legal throughout, maximise line managers' time and  look for  opportunities to promote your brand in the appropriate employee networks.