Nail That Job The Book

Gave some really great advice about facilitating the group discussion, it was obvious the other candidates hadn't prepared in this way.  - Katherine, secured a place on a competitive graduate training programme

nail that Job, the complete guide for the less-experienced job seeker.  all the hints and tips you need from an experienced recruiter expert advice to nail the right job for youpractical action plan to land the right job

Packed with tips and insider secrets from an experienced recruiter and trainer of recruiters, 'Nail That Job, the complete guide for the less- experienced jobseeker', will help you to succeed in your job search.

Nail That Job does what it says on the cover – taking the less-confident or less-experienced jobseeker through the entire recruitment process from the point of view of the recruiter. In 5 easy-to-follow steps, you will build a robust action plan that enables you to:

focus your job search,

write and polish your CV,

send it to the right people,

reach job interviews – and finally

get the job offer that you want at this stage of your career.

Included are practical self-evaluation exercises that will help you prepare for interviews and sell yourself well to your next employer.

Readers say:

" Fantastic resource: friendly, very helpful and relevant."  " Easy to follow with nice touches of humour."  Undergraduates. 

" At last he has focus, some interviews and a job offer."  Father of recent graduate.

" One section of particular note is Getting the Most out of an Application Form, for anyone who has filled out or helped someone fill out an application form this can often be a laborious process, Nail That Job addresses this with simple, helpful instructions that removes the agony out of poring over a person specification." Employment Manager, helping young people leaving care get their first jobs

 "A fantastic book that also gives the more-experienced job seekers lots of great ideas!" Career changer 

You will keep your energy focused on your most likely targets, present yourself to best advantage, including researching self employment if that suits you, rehearse effective answers to all key questions asked at virtually every interview and stay employable throughout your career

All these benefits are available to you for only £12.99, including P+P . 

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Nail that Job is also available through Amazon for the same price, click here to see the details. Discounts for bulk orders from Social Care workers supporting care leavers and schools and colleges are available: please email