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I am more knowledgable and confident about the whole recruitment procedure  - Manager, legal services

nail the right job for you

Are you unhappy or insecure in your current job, but unsure what else might be available or how to start looking for it?

Are you wasting days drifting around websites with no result for your job search?

Would you benefit from an objective and experienced coach to explore all of your potential career options, not just what your friends/family think you should do?

Do you want to enter a completely new industry or job role?

Many people who spend some time in the same job can feel flat when they see very few opportunities left to learn. Sometimes it takes a significant event, such as redundancy, to push you into deeper thinking about how you want to earn your living for the rest of your career.

Nail That Job coaches individuals from many different industries and job roles to identify their dream job and plan how to find it. We can help you to:

  • Identify your key job search objectives
  • Clarify what you want and need from your next job and plan for longer term career development
  • Research the best routes for approaching potential organisations
  • Effectively present your talents to recruiters and gatekeepers of potential job vacancies.

If you would like to identify all potential routes to your dream job, then please email or ring 01789 740948 to start a free, no obligation conversation about your needs. For most people, Sian can help you to to build a clear, focused action plan that tackles your precise job search needs within 11/2- 2  hours @ £75 per hour. Individual needs do vary, so pease start with the free conversation about what you'd like to achieve. You will also benefit from downloading our free Job Search preparation form which will help you start that focussing process. Click here to have a look at the form - it will give all job seekers food for thought. 

Sian has many years of experience in coaching lost job seekers to find the right job for them - email her now on to get the boost your job search needs.

If you are confident that you know where to focus your job search but have not yet received any interview invitations, then your CV is clearly not working hard enough for you. Click here to go to our CV Development page and learn how to boost your presentation to your targeted recruiters.