CV Development

Good guidelines and instructions, giving confidence and showing that it's not the most complicated task in the world to write a CV!  - Undergraduate attending Sian's seminar

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Is your CV out of date?

Do you find it hard to write the correct words to describe your skills and talents?

Do you even know how to start writing your CV?

Research suggests that your CV has about 7 seconds to impress. Can yours impress within 7 seconds? From the recruiter’s point of view, we look for something that stands out to show that you have meaningful skills to offer. Many recruiters complain that they still receive poorly presented, mis-spelled, or simply stale CVs. People often submit the same CV for every application they make, assuming that a standard set of examples will do for every job role.

In your Nail That Job CV Development coaching, Sian will help you build a core CV and show you how to continue adapting it to suit applications that you make in the future. From an initial discussion of your needs, she will help you to  present a clear set of achievements that will enable a recruiter to quickly assess what you have to offer. This will dramatically increase your chances of being selected for interview. Sian is an experienced recruiter shaping your CV: she does not feed it into a standardised computer program.

If you would like to update and sharpen your CV, or create one from scratch, then please email or ring 01789 740948 to start a free, no obligation conversation about your needs. For most people, Sian can help you to develop an effective CV within 1-11/2 hours @ £75 per hour. Individual needs do vary, so pease start with the free conversation about what you'd like to achieve. You will also benefit from downloading our free CV preparation form which helps you to clarify your job search objectives. Click here to have a look at the form - it will give all job seekers food for thought.

Take the first step now to a fresh and successful CV that gets you the interviews you want. Email Sian on and let's talk about you.

If you can't start writing a CV because you don’t yet know what you are looking for, then take a look at our Job Search Support page. This outlines our coaching packages to support you if you need more clarity about how to take your first step towards your dream job.