Great! Good learning how to make the most out of summer jobs and work experiences!  - Undergraduate attending Sian's seminar

  • Take a deep breath before you make those New Year Resolutions


    As the calendar pages turn over into a new year, full of promise and expectation, many jobseekers pause to take stock of where they are in their journey. If you are  currently under employed or not happily employed, I hope you managed to get a few days off over Christmas  to celebrate and relax. Read more »

  • Under employed and looking for more challenges? Make sure you know what you contribute now....


    So, this week's survey suggests that at least  3 million of us are 'under employed'. In plain English that means that we are either working part time and want full time hours, or in temporary work and want permanent jobs or are stuck in less challenging work than we are capable of (posssbly, all 3 contexts apply to you). Read more »

  • Want a CV that gets results? Let's go back to basics...


    I've been working recently with several recruiters from different industries but all with very similar frustrations. We've all been having a good old moan at the standard of CVs we've been reading, even from some pretty experienced candidates who really ought to have known better. Read more »

  • Organise your job search for success


    We've all been talking about the good news today from the unemployment figures- whatever your political views, 50,000 fewer job seekers is clearly good news for each one of those individuals. The gloom merchants might still be arguing about the quality and/or permanence of those jobs but it has always been easier to get new work once you are working, than while unemployed. Read more »

  • Nail That Job or create your own?


    Over recent weeks, I've been privileged to speak to entrepreneurs from brand new and established small businessess in all kinds of industries, who demonstrate energy, creativity, commitment and passion.  We've enjoyed some fantastic shared learning by networking and swapping good ideas;  natural entrepreneurs are rightly proud of what they achieve with their own businesses and want to share their learning and their success by provoking others to have some bright ideas too. Read more »

  • Focusing your job search targets


    I've been coaching several people over this summer who were very lost in their job search. Interestingly, this summer group included people from all age ranges and very different industry experiences, but they were all pretty baffled about where they wanted to go next. Read more »

  • How to create rapport at interview


    After a fantastic fortnight when the nation has run out of superlatives to describe how we all feel, it's time to clear up after the party and focus on the future. Even the grumpiest of commentators is admitting that London 2012 was a success and if you were watching last night, you heard the biggest cheer of the night went to the volunteers. Read more »

  • Crunching the unemployment numbers- what does it mean for me?


    This morning the latest unemployment figures were released to a slightly mixed reception. I had kindly been invited to contribute to a discussion on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire Radio to ponder the numbers. I just want to say a huge thank you to Elliott, Stuart and Simon for their charming welcome. Read more »

  • Thinking of changing your career?


    "With the benefit of hindsight" is currently an overused phrase in the world of politics.  I've been hearing it a lot too recently from several career changers I've been working with.  Read more »

  • Dealing with the competition in today's jobs market


    I was listening this morning on the radio to a discussion about how parents should behave to help their children learn about competition. The context of the conversation was school sports days and whether parents should try hard to win, lose or just try hard. Read more »