"Well structured advice that cuts to the chase"­  - Undergraduate on a NTJ seminar

  • How to make your job search strategic


    A young man I've been working with recently has just been rejected in the final stage of his dream job application. Now rejection is always tough to deal with, especially when you are young and wanted that job so badly and rejection is not the subject of this blog. Read more »

  • How to energise your job search


    At the end of a long, miserable and wet January, I was delighted to catch up with one of my coachees last night to hear about her job search progress. She is being made redundant from a job that she has been doing for some time and when we first met, she was anxious about what the future holds for her. Read more »

  • How to find the right job for you quickly and efficiently


    Happy new year to all job seekers and I sincerely hope that you will find what you need soon.  Read more »

  • Preparing for successful job search


    As preparation is the focus of Advent and my central theme when I support job seekers, I'd like to share some ideas about making sure that your preparation for job search will get you the right job at this point in your career. Read more »

  • How to use numbers effectively to improve your CV


    I've been having some interesting conversations recently with fellow recruiters and several job seekers about how best tp impress recruiters with the right numbers on your CV. Consequently, I thought I would share a few tips about what works well on CVs and what doesn't. Read more »

  • Students in Nairobi benefit from Nail That Job


    I'm really proud to be making just a tiny contribution to Akamba Childrens Education Fund's inspirational school: Brainhouse Academy in Nairobi.  Eager students at this fantastic school are shown here reading and discussing some of the exercises in the book as they prepare to launch themselves into a tough labour market. Read more »

  • How to land the right job after a career break


    I've been working with several "career returners' recently: a wider variety of people than you might think, who for different reasons have all spent some time out of paid employment and are now trying to get jobs. The key need that they all seem to have is to build their confidence. Read more »

  • How to prepare for an effective job interview


    Two incidents last week have prompted me to go back to basics on guidance for job interviews.  Read more »

  • Tweeted daily tips for job seekers


    If you drop into Twitter, then look out for my new series of Twitter Tea-time Tips for job seekers. You'll find me as @Nailthatjob and on weekday afternoons, around, grab a cup of tea and have a look.  I'll be covering different themes and my aim is to offer you a helpful idea, tip or handy hint from the recruiter's point of view. Read more »

  • How to job search productively while enjoying your holiday


    So the holiday season is well under way now, school is out and the weather remains kind. Many people in work now would rather be forgetting about the daily grind and focusing on a break and a rest. Whether you are lucky enough to catch a full fortnight away, just a long weekend, or a few hours break in the garden, any kind of pause from your routine will be welcome. Read more »