The professional advice I received was specifically tailored to my situation, detailed and comprehensive and gave me a unique insight into the graduate recruitment process.  I was able to predict the interview structure in advance which guaranteed my preparation was focused, relevant and ultimately successful.  I would recommend this outstanding and friendly service to any job applicant, graduate or otherwise.  

   - Chris, legal services

  • How to nail your dream job: take the strategic route


    I'm delighted to offer you this month two wonderful Nail That Job success stories about playing the long game to achieve your dream job. In the last month, two young men I've supported this winter have been offered the first step on their preferred career ladder in an extremely competititve job role. Read more »

  • How to make that step up the career ladder in 2015


    One of my favourite Nail That Job success stories from the last year is that of a young man who has moved from a front line job in industry A to a front line job in industry B, his long term industry of choice. Read more »

  • The top three tips for a successful CV


    I've received a special request from Jess for this month's blog theme: the top three tips to make sure your CV nails that job! As an experienced recruiter, I'm trying to select the best from the rest, so how do I quickly pick out those best CVs? Read more »

  • How to complete an application form successfully


    Are you staring at a huge white space headed something like; 'Please outline below how you are best suited for this role' with absolutely no idea how you are going to complete it? Is the clock ticking on an application deadline while you are struggling to understand how to sell yourself effectively? Read more »

  • How to look for work and find the right job for you


    Welcome to September and a peak time for moving jobs. Recruitment figures show that across all industries and job roles, job search activity goes through the roof in September. This is because many people return from a summer break rested, revived and more aware of everything they don't like about their current role. Read more »

  • How to make the most of your job search/university preparation while waiting for your exam results


    Students, teachers and parents are all very aware of the August dates when exam results will be revealed and the next steps in your career planning can kick off in earnest. Whether you're fretting under the sunny weather or deliberately ignoring the calendar because you definltely deserve some relaxation, time and tide will take you in late August to a big decision point. Read more »

  • How to impress the recruiter when you're young and inexperienced


    It is a truth universally acknowledged that a young person in possession of a good CV will secure the best job offer. Sadly, many young people find themselves panicking as they leave education and look for their first step on the career ladder. As I work with many younger job seekers around this time of year needing such help, I've summarised in this month's blog the key actions you can take now that will certainly boost your chances of a successful interview. Read more »

  • How to avoid making the most common mistakes in online job search


    Recently, I've heard from clients about many and various ways to waste time searching online, so this article is about how to make the most of that fantastic job search resource: the internet.Online information is vital, both for researching organisations with potential vacancies and for presenting yourself to such organisations. Read more »

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    Do you feel completely 'stuck' with your job search? No recent agency emails promising you the job of your dreams? Have you been forlornly plodding round websites tapping in the same old search criteria to only read  'no vacancies'  popping up in every trawl? Read more »

  • How to ensure that your application reaches the 'yes' heap


    Wearing my recruiting hat, my blood pressure has recently been raised to dangerous levels by some thoughtless candidates. Wearing my job search coaching hat, I really want to make sure that Nail That Job readers benefit from their mistakes, so this blog focuses on the simple things that every job seeker needs to check in order to make sure that your job application results in an invitation to interview. Read more »