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Using the holiday season to refresh your job search

20th July 2015

Whether you are lucky enough to get sun, sea and sand, or simply a few days rest from the daily grind, summer breaks are the perfect time to pause and plan the next stage of your job search. Are you ready for it?

If you have been browsing job sites on and off during this year, you’re clearly not entirely happy with whatever you are doing right now. Many people struggle to take the next step, which is to kick off Project New Job efficiently and successfully. If your job hunt could do with a re-fresh, then here are a few tried and trusted tips that will get you motoring when you come back to your daily grind.

First, be clear about what you don’t want. What annoys, bores, frustrates or depresses you about your current job? Include things that are outside your employer’s control, like commuting time and customer behaviour. Be honest with yourself and write it all down. First, you will feel a lot better and second, you will know what you must avoid in your hunt for your next job. Please remember that the ideal job does not exist. Every job has some thing about it that frustrates even the most enthusiastic job holder- you need to be looking for the job closest to your ideal.

Now try listing all the things that you do want in your job, whether it is more or even less customer contact, more or less travel, the chance to pop home for lunch, the right hours to suit you. The benefit of completing this list is that you now understand how to save a lot of time by not searching for jobs that you don’t really want. It is surprising how many job seekers waste effort and time researching work that won’t suit them well.

Another helpful prompt for your job search is to describe what you want to be doing in 5 years time. Whatever your answer, you are now thinking long term about your career development, which will help you enormously when you start listing the right employers to get you there. In 5 years time you may have moved jobs once or 5 times, but always with a target role in mind. You might also have earned enough to be retired and enjoying more sun, sea and sand!  

Wherever you are in your career planning, Nail That Job can help you develop further. Take a look at my book; Nail That Job, the complete guide for the less-experienced jobseeker, the book that does what it says on the cover or ask me for advice on a no-obligation email:

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