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Tried and tested help step 3

22nd March 2012

Hello again. Now you have  a list of activities from your past experience with examples of how your work has benefited a past employer. Your next task is to rank these achievements in the order that you enjoyed them.

The reason for doing this is to help you think about  what you enjoy doing at work and what you find less interesting. Our approach at Nail That Job is to help you discover how you want to spend the next stage of your career. Life is truly too short to spend time enduring a job that doesn't really suit you, so to start looking for the right  job, you must start  clarfiying what you really enjoy doing. That way, you will focus your job search energies on the jobs that you want to do and will give of your best to all your future employers.

 Re-write your list of skills and achievements down the left  hand half of  the page in order of preference. You might surpirse yourself. Imagine that a recruiter is sitting in front of you,  asking why you consider a particular skill or achievement to be so positive.  Work down the right hand side of the page, writing your answer next to each example. You have just articulated for another person why you like certain tasks. You might soon be finding yourself answering exactly that question in an interview. 

 Stuff at the very bottom of the list does not engage or motivate you, so now you can be clearer about not wasting time chasing any job that largely consists of  these tasks. You now have  a focus for job search.  More next week on shaping these  ideas into a positive description of you.

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