Great! Good learning how to make the most out of summer jobs and work experiences!  - Undergraduate attending Sian's seminar

Tried and tested help step 2

13th March 2012

You now have at least spoken to one person in the medical profession about how you feel. That is the first step back to finding paid employment., so well done. This week, you need to clarify for yourself what you have to offer any future employer.

 Find a pencil and some paper, the back of an envelope will do.  Write down everything that you can do and/or have done in the past  for an employer. Take your time and use verbs ( they're the 'doing' words) such as 'selling', 'checking', 'driving'. If you don't have  much paid employment to reflect on, think about any volunteering, work experience, studying or travelling that you have doen. Everything is valuable to record at this point, even if you only did the job for a short time.

 When you have run out of ideas, then organise your verbs into a neat list in the order in which you enjoyed doing them down the left hand side of a second sheet of paper.  Add 2 columns onto the paper, headed 'What' and 'I learned...'

Now write alongside your first verb a specific example of what you did for whom and then what you learned as a result of doing that job, such as: 

Selling- sweets and popcorn at the cinema- working quickly, managing customers' needs, staying calm under pressure

Repeat  this for each verb that you listed. 

Congratulations, you now have the bulding blocks for a  strong CV. Next week , you'll be ready to polish it up into a document that describes what you have to offer any future employer.


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