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Tried and tested help for the long term unemployed from successful dieters

5th March 2012

It's the end of a long winter and the employment  figures still look grim.  Some of what I've read in the recent national debate about how to energise long-term jobseekers makes assumptions that unemployment is a lifestyle  choice. Here at Nail That Job, we know that this a patronising, inaccurate and lazy stereotype. If you ever have  experienced a long period without  paid work, then you will understand how hard it is to pick yourself up and get going again. 

Here's an action plan that we know works for those who have lost track of what they might achieve. It is based on every successful weight loss programme; little steps and often to change habits of either eating or jobseeking.

The first step is to make an appointment with your GP, now. Tell the receptionist that you need to have an appointment within a week . Commit to that appintment, turn up and explain how long you have been out of paid work. The statistics  suggest that you are likely to be depressed and you need all the help you can get to develop better energy levels. Your  GP may or may not prescribe you medicine, exercise, counselling or a healthy eating plan. Research also shows that the more people you tell about your plan to improve things, the more likely you are to succeed, so make your GP the 1st  person to join your getting back to work campaign.

That was step 1 and pretty easy really. Step 2 will follow next week. Stay healthy in the  meantime and gather your energy.

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