After receiving a suggestion from a friend, I contacted Sian to arrange interview technique practice for a forthcoming assessment. From the very start of the discussion, Sian made me feel at ease with the situation. Sian proved to be professional, polite and extremely knowledgeable in the career industry, and I would recommend anyone looking to nail that job, to get in touch! I am extremely grateful for all your help. You really have helped me achieve my life long ambition. Thank you!!! —  feeling happy.
   - W., nailed his dream job

Students in Nairobi benefit from Nail That Job

1st November 2013
readers of Nail That Job

I'm really proud to be making just a tiny contribution to Akamba Childrens Education Fund's inspirational school: Brainhouse Academy in Nairobi.  Eager students at this fantastic school are shown here reading and discussing some of the exercises in the book as they prepare to launch themselves into a tough labour market.

Take a look at their website to see for yourself the energy and hope for the future expressed here by young people growing up in one of the world's largest slums;

 It was great to hear how useful they found the exercises, as these have been designed to work for any job-seeker targeting any role in every kind of industry. Here is just one comment from a recent user of some Nail That Job techniques; 

 "Actually Sian, you ought to re-name the book, 'The complete guide for all job-seekers, because I've applied for a few jobs over the years and I still learned lots of new and helpful stuff."

 Find out more here;

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