I was successful in the interview and will be starting my trainee management course in March. 
I would just like to thank you so much for all your help. What you do for others is a great thing and you should be really proud.  - Graduate jobseeker

Stuck in your job search? Practical tips to refresh and re-invigorate your job search

14th April 2014

Do you feel completely 'stuck' with your job search? No recent agency emails promising you the job of your dreams? Have you been forlornly plodding round websites tapping in the same old search criteria to only read  'no vacancies'  popping up in every trawl? Run out of ideas to find those jobs? 



  1. You need to refresh and refocus all your efforts and it's hard to stay motivated on a long term job hunt. Having worked with many tired job seekers, I've seen a few tricks to pep up job hunts and re-focus on the most important jobs, so try out a few ideas from the list below and let me know how you get on.

  2. First, stay focused. It's an old saying, but true; you only need one job, so make sure that effort spent finding it is focused. 

  3. As time goes by, you may have lost track of your original motivation for finding a new job, or confused yourself by not finding it immediately and saying; " Oh well, let's try for more junior work, or a different role in a related industry or a similar role in the taget industry."  See some of my past Nail That Job blogs for more help on focusing your efforts; Check your motivations; what work do you want to do, why and what evidence do you have that you'd be any good at it? This means that you have to clarify what you want and what you need and what the difference between these two states is, what you are good at and how to find the evidence that demonstrates the impact you've had in any past job for any past employer. Chapters 1 and 2 of  'Nail That Job, the complete guide for the less experienced jobseeker will help you do this smoothly and quickly; click here for a copy;

  4. Try listing all your skills( what you can do for any future employer), your experience ( which job roles and which industries you have worked in), your favourite talents (what you enjoy most doing and therefore will excel at for any future employer). So which job roles or industries best suit these lists? How close are these to your dream role? Which employers might offer such jobs? 

  5. Now narrow down your potential organisations to ones in the areas you can reach or are prepared to move to. Now you have funnelled all potential targets down to the organisations most likely to have a job that suits you. 

  6. Start with their company website- many organisations save advertising costs by only advertising their vacancies on their own website. Sign up for any sort of marketing emails to keep your research on them up to date. Some companies do prefer to work with recruitment agencies, so find out which agencies specialise in the industry or area that you want to target. All this research saves you from becoming overwhelmed and saves you time to spend on researching only the jobs that are right for you.

  7. Also talk to human beings face to face rather than through emails. Reflect on enveryone you know in work. Who might they know who might know someone who works for or with your target organisation? I've heard many stories over the years of chance conversations making the right connections for a job seeker, as everyone wants to be helpful where they can. There is much more support on how to network professionally, politely and productively in Chapter 2  of 'Nail That Job, the complete guide for the less experienced job seeker'

  8.  Set yourself some meaningful deadlines that will help you pep up your job search, such as; ' By the 31st May, I will have spoken to the head of HR in all 6 of my target companies, to explain personally my job search objectives and checked their current vacancies.' The key to using deadlines effectively  is to break them down into smaller steps and monitor your progress regularly. I often help to coach fading job seekers, sometimes by helping them to monitor their research targets.

  9.  If you would like some fresh ideas on how to re-enegise your job search or are simply feeling overwhelmed, then just email me at and take some of your self inflicted pressure off your job search. 

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