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Preparing for successful job search

13th December 2013

As preparation is the focus of Advent and my central theme when I support job seekers, I'd like to share some ideas about making sure that your preparation for job search will get you the right job at this point in your career.

 At Nail That Job, I'm passionate about action plans that ensure you are ready way before you reach job interview. Job interviews are won or lost often before the candidate walks through the door, because your success at interview depends entirely on how much research you have done beforehand. 

Frequently, people come to me for help asking me to write a CV for them, but as soon as I ask them a few questions, it's usually clear that they are not yet ready to write a CV. Besides, I don't write a CV for you, I teach you the principles of writing effective CVs that will last you through your entire career! So here follows just a few of my powerful questions. They will help you get your priorities clear, focus you on what you want and need and start to clarify what you have to offer the labour market: 

Which tasks have you enjoyed the most and the least so far in your career and why?

What is your dream job and why? How close to it are you and what evidence do you have for that?

What do your boss, your colleagues, your customers say that you are good at? Have you ever asked them?

What do you want and need from your next job and what is the difference?

What does job satisfaction look, sound and feel like to you? 

What do boredom and stress at work look, sound and feel like to you?

Which skills and experiences do you want to develop further and why?

Which industries and organsiations are most likely to have jobs that focus on the skills you are good at and how do you know?

For the next step, drop me an email or take a look at this page; There are many more of these powerful questions in this book. Take a peek at my Facebook page for some more examples of how other job seekers feel about their Nail that Job support:

Happy preparation for job search, merry Christmas and all best wishes for an exciting and productive New Year and New Job!

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