I have learned how to effectively draw key skills from my previous work experience, put it into a clear and concise sentence. I got some really good pointers today to improve on this.  - Undergraduate attending Sian's seminar

Organise your job search for success

17th October 2012

We've all been talking about the good news today from the unemployment figures- whatever your political views, 50,000 fewer job seekers is clearly good news for each one of those individuals. The gloom merchants might still be arguing about the quality and/or permanence of those jobs but it has always been easier to get new work once you are working, than while unemployed. Why is that? Simply because employers view any work experience as valuable for developing work friendly habits such as punctuality, organisation, communication skills or customer service. 

So where does that leave those still looking for their first step on the career ladder or for whatever reason, have been unemployed for a long time? You can still demonstrate your worth to potential employers by approaching your job search as if it was a job in its own right.

You can find some more help, ideas and organisational tools on organising your job search effectively in Chapter 2 of Nail That Job, the complete guide for the less-experienced jobseeker, available here For now, here are our 3 top tips on getting organised to ensure that you make every minute count when looking for work: 

 Don't apply for every job that you see advertised- you won't be suitable for every job you see advertised and your time is better spent researching the most suitable vacancies for you.

 Write down what you are good at AND you enjoy - simply make a list of all the things you are good at and this will become the core of a good CV 

Find a quiet space for your job search activities where you know that you can keep paperwork, adverts, all your research notes together and safe so that you are not wasting time chasing round lsot ideas and notes.

Bonus tip; treat your job search as your current job- view it as your responsiblity to find work in every sense of the word "responsibility".


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