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New Year, New Job? Find out how to make sure it is the right new job....

4th January 2016

January is usually my busiest time of year as many people return to work after the Christmas break and resolve to change jobs in the coming year. The sad fact is that fewer than 20% of those resolutions are kept and typically most people will start January 2017 in the same job. However, Nail That Job clients do manage to find the job of their dreams when I have helped them to make a clear action plan.

How can you make sure that you end 2016 in the right job for you that has developed your career, skills, experience and earning power? Research shows that the most common reason for not pursuing New Year resolutions is lack of personal commitment to those goals. In other words, do you really understand what those changes will demand from you and are you ready to make that change?

So, before you plunge into 2016 making bold career change claims to yourself, I'd suggest pausing a little to take stock of where you are and what are your most useful next steps for your career. Start with some simple but vital questions:

What you want and what do you need from your next job? (hint- not always the same things) 

What really interests you at work and which tasks really depress you?

What are your 3 biggest achievements at work over the last year and what evidence do you have for those achievements? 

If these questions seem far too big for you to answer right now, then you will find a model to follow that will help you map out all these answers and more in Chapters 1 and 2 of  'Nail That Job, the complete guide for the less-experienced jobseeker'.

Research on successful personal change shows that the single most important part of your change plan is your secure support system. Nail That Job gives you all your personal and friendly support to help you start and stick to those changes. As well as my book, I can help you review what you've done so far to look for work and focus to get the work you want and need. Email me on, apologies but until further notice, BT have rendered me completely phoneless.  

Make 2016 the year when you achieve the work that you are really going to enjoy.

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