I have learned how to effectively draw key skills from my previous work experience, put it into a clear and concise sentence. I got some really good pointers today to improve on this.  - Undergraduate attending Sian's seminar

Nail That Job or create your own?

1st October 2012

Over recent weeks, I've been privileged to speak to entrepreneurs from brand new and established small businessess in all kinds of industries, who demonstrate energy, creativity, commitment and passion.  We've enjoyed some fantastic shared learning by networking and swapping good ideas;  natural entrepreneurs are rightly proud of what they achieve with their own businesses and want to share their learning and their success by provoking others to have some bright ideas too. 

If you've been struggling to find precisely the right role for you in an existing organisation, you might be tempted to go it alone and start your own business: something suited to your own interests, experiences and skills. If you don't know anyone who has achieved this, or have never worked yourself in a start-up, then it might feel an overwhelming task. 

One client I worked with recently had entered a bank seeking support for her then sketchy vision of running her own busienss and was frightened off. The bank clearly wasn't ready to deal with her  yet and effectively ordered her off the premises until she had " a proper business plan". She didn't bother to return!

She then asked me to work with her , so I built her a coaching plan that helped her (in a very supportive way) to clarify what she wanted to do and what " being my own boss' meant to her.  As we worked through some simple exercises, her ideas clarifed and her energy and excitement increased while she developed her thinking and tested out her initial plans. She then researched what each high street bank had to offer start ups and presented her ideas clearly, with conviction and confidence - enough to secure the funding she wanted to launch her dream. It's early days yet for her business, but she is certainly enjoying her self- set challenge of being her own boss. 

Several of the key exercises we worked through are in Chapter 2 of Nail That Job, the complete guide for the less-experienced jobseeker. They are specially designed to test out the early thinking of a possble new entrepreneur in a friendly and logical way. I'm proud of the fact that sometimes I've used them to help people understand that this is not the right job choice for them and help them refresh their original job hunts.

If you are thinking about setting up your own business, you need to understand that it is a gruelling and sometimes scary process, that also gives you unique rewards. If you are ready to explore that challenge, then Nail that Job can help you develop your ideas, test them and polish them ready for you to launch your new career as your own boss. Email me on or click here to find out how I can help you move your thinking on.

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