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13th April 2016

Amongst our many recent successes in helping younger job seekers achieve the jobs of their dreams, Steve has just secured a one-in-a-thousand chance of success. He was one of 6000 applicants who landed one of 6 places on a coveted professional training programme with an high-profile, UK based, multi-national business. We are all delighted that Steve is now starting the career of his dreams with a little support and focus from Nail That Job. Steve is in his mid-twenties and had worked in a variety of front line jobs to boost his experience of this highly competitive industry- a great start once you have decided which industry you want to target. The sheer scale of his competition was daunting; Steve knew that as soon as this business publicised this training programme that he had to work fast and make every word count. He just needed a little support to clarify exactly which words would sell him the hardest, so we discussed what the recruiters were likely to be looking for and how he could describe the very best examples that he had to offer from his work history.

His application progressed through various stages to final assessment centre where he was asked to prepare a presentation. I asked him the key questions that helped him identify the most useful example to use in this task and I helped him practise how best to present it. Although making presentations is not a key requirement of his new job, it is a very common selection task for recruiters in all industries to use at assessment centres. We do this to find out how effective you are at communicating with people. Whatever job is the job of your dreams, a recruiter will be testing how well you can explain, persuade or simply build a rapport with others.

If you would like some help with managing an assessment centre or interview, please get in touch: You could also have a look at the book that has now helped hundreds of successful job seekers land the job of their dreams: Best of luck with your job search. 


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