I enjoyed the session and found the tips very useful.  - Undergraduate attending Sian's seminar

It's time to just blow your own trumpet

4th March 2013

Over recent weeks, I've been working a lot with people to identify their achievements and describe their core offer on CVs and it's interesting how difficult we find that. Is this due to the traditional British reserve; all those childhood messages about "not showing off'?  I've no idea, but it sounds plausible. I've also received a lot of praise myself from coachees, so I've decided to take my own advice; first identify what you did well-

"Sian is a committed and inspiring career development professional. I found time spent with her helped me to focus on my skills and my strengths, producing almost instantaneous results. My confidence increased after just a few minutes of talking to her. An excellent and active listener she has the ability to synthesise what she hears from individuals and replay to you a compelling vision for your future. The consummate professional she is well-informed, highly organised, and has many excellent suggestions for improving your chances in the employment Market. I now have a clear plan for moving forward, and a number of high quality CVs, tailored to different opportunities, and am achieving success in being invited to interviews. Sian has also demonstrated that she is keen to continue to help beyond the agreed parameters, and has remained in touch, sending helpful contact suggestions and words of encouragement. I am delighted to have met her." Career changer

"Thanks Sian, really happy to have got something sorted! Looks a great job too and pushing my languages obviously helped so thanks for that advice!" Oli, undergraduate, securing a very competitive management training post.

"Once again thanks for your kind words of encouragement and advice. You've been a great source of self empowerment and encouragement" Andrew, career changer

"Well structured advice that cuts to the chase" Katrina, student

Make sure you start collecting all positive comments you get from boss, colleagues or customers, work out the themes of what they think you do well, and summarise them in one meaty sentence.  It could appear on your CV as part of your personal summary or listed as a key achievement or core skills. If you can find any numbers to evidence your achievement, that would be useful too. Everyone enjoys a little praise and recognition; good leaders know that motivation increases when we notice that our efforts have been noticed. 

 I guess that my meaty sentence could turn out to be: 

 Sian is an inspiring, experienced and motivating coach who focuses on individual needs to generate effective development.

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