Again, many thanks for your help.  The questions you highlighted came up in all 3 of my interviews so far and its definitely comforting to keep one step ahead of the action!  - Recent graduate, securing 1st career post

How to sharpen up your job search

20th September 2015

The seasons change around us and as autumn approaches, many workers decide to look for a new job, prompted to look for change: more challenge or less stress. Many start browsing websites randomly, or even start dreaming of a dramatic change of career. Most of these job searches wither away without results as winter starts setting in- this is not the way of the Nail That Job jobseeker.


When I work with job seekers, whether they are simply looking for promotion, the next step up their career ladder, or a complete change of direction, we ensure that we become and stay focused. To make the most of your job search time, here are 2 simple tips that have worked for my many successful job seekers that will get you the job that you want and need at this point in your career.


First, pay attention to the basic logistics. You may be able to work anywhere in the world or you may have family and other commitments that mean that right now you can only look for work within a very short distance of where you now live. Even single non-parents need to consider their personal support network and how far away from it they choose to live. Keeping that clarity about where you can look for work simplifies your job search.


Secondly, be clear on what your dream job is- know what you enjoy doing the best and what tasks you’d prefer to avoid in the future. I use lots of practical and fun exercises to help people understand what they want and need from their career- “want “ and “need” does not always produce the same answer.  The job that you decide is your dream role may actually be 3 jobs away from what your current skills can deliver, so you need to have a plan for nailing intermediate roles that will develop the right skills for you. Earning money to live is a sound basis for starting a career and you need to be constantly planning and reviewing your career progress towards your dream role. Nail That Job can help you quickly identify how to get there and keep your skills and experiences refreshed throughout your career plan.


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