I think the session was beneficial as it allowed me to learn new skills to fine tune my CV accordingly. It will increase my chances of getting to interview. Thank you for today!  - Undergraduate attending Sian's seminar

How to nail your job interview before you even arrive

7th June 2015

It is a truth universally acknowledged by recruiters that most job interviews are won or lost before the candidate even steps through the door. Sadly, many candidates don't appear to realise this. Whenever us recruiters meet to complain about poor candidates, the single most common complaint we make is about the lack of preparation that many, NOT most, candidates do before their interviews.

Every time I interview candidates, I really want to understand how much they know about the organisation that they are trying to join, as does every other recruiter. If you haven't done your homework to find out some basic information about the job, then we question your commitment to the role. At the very least, I'll expect you to understand what the job requires from you in terms of skills, abilities, results, how it fits into the rest of the organisation, what the organisation does, achieves, who it's customers are and what it's main aims are. You also need to be understand the core competences that I'll be asking you to apply in that role and therefore have thought of examples of when you might have used those competences in past roles: employment, temporary work, studies, volunteering, travel, or un-paid work, such as family caring responsibilities. Recruiters are less concerned about where or when you used those competences than the fact that you work out what we need from you and have considered examples from any part of your past that show that you can deliver whatever it is I'm looking for.

If that sounds rather complicated, then my book, 'Nail That Job, the complete guide for the less experienced jobseeker', does what it says on the cover and will give you many more ideas about how to prepare effectively for your job interview.  It is an old cliche, but so true: fail to prepare and you prepare to fail. Nail That Job candidates are always well-prepared for any task that the interviewer throws at them- you'll find many testimonials on our web pages from satisfied customers who have nailed the right job for them after our help. If you'd like to join them, then email me -





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