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How to nail your dream job: take the strategic route

2nd February 2015

I'm delighted to offer you this month two wonderful Nail That Job success stories about playing the long game to achieve your dream job. In the last month, two young men I've supported this winter have been offered the first step on their preferred career ladder in an extremely competititve job role. 



They deserve much credit for sheer hard graft and determination. - I simply helped them prepare for the final hurdle assessment centres and interviews. If you want to nail your dream job, then you really do need to plan ahead. Your first decisions happen at school when you have to choose the right subject options fro at least post-16 study. Work expereince is vital in your chosen industry- even if you cannot find someone currently holding that dream role to shadow , then ask to hep out in any connected industry. 

Work experience will enable you to start building up a network of people working in your dream industry, all of whom could advise you, refer you to others, or may know potential gatekeepers. My two coachees have both been willing to work in related front line roles that have helped them develop their CVs and their technical skills. it also helped them to keep in touch with  technical developments in their field and keep up their networks. 

As an experienced recruiter, I am passionate about the beneifts of doing any related work to build up your CV- employed job applicants always fare better than unemployed applicants. Stick with your dream, especially when you are young, as you are probably 3 or 4 jobs away from your dream job. If you would like some more help with nailing your drema job, then please contact me on 01789 740948 or or tweet me , @Nailthatjob. 

All best wishes for your dream job hunt.




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