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How to nail that promotion

4th March 2015

Inspired by L.’s success last month in securing an internal promotion at her third attempt, this time assisted by Nail That Job, this month’s post is about how to tackle that most tricky of job applications- the internal promotion.

The essential dilemma for both applicants and recruiters is that everyone knows your successes and has also seen you at work on your not-so-good days. That “warts and all” history often worries internal applicants, who can get distracted by trying to play down or leave out events that everyone knows about

The key to nailing that internal promotion is to treat the whole process as if you were applying to a new organisation. Consequently, all my helpful guidance that takes you through the entire recruitment process in ‘Nail That Job, the complete guide for the less-experienced jobseeker’, stays true. The book is available here:

The moment that vacancy appears on your intranet or noticeboard, research the job role and responsibilities thoroughly. Talk to the new boss of the role and make it clear that you are serious about applying. Ask the boss directly about their expectations of the job and ask advice about what they see as the key skills and experiences needed. Then listen! This maximises your key advantage when applying for any internal vacancy- you know the current organisation far better than any outsider can, so adapt your CV accordingly. If you would like help with crafting a good CV or, as L. did, some advice on preparing for interview, then please email me on 

One final piece of advice- don’t waste energy fretting about your potential competitors in your current team, unless, that is, they have already contacted me to seek help!

Best of luck with your job search.

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