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How to make that step up the career ladder in 2015

31st December 2014

One of my favourite Nail That Job success stories from the last year is that of a young man who has moved from a front line job in industry A to a front line job in industry B, his long term industry of choice. To do that, he has, with Nail That Job support, managed to convince an Operations Director to take a chance on him. He is now gathering relevant knowledge, skills and experiences in his chosen industry that will help him move up the career ladder. 

What he did was to be, very politely, just a little bit cheeky and continually chatted to the decision makers who could move him into his target job. Of course, he had to offer evidence that he had the potential to learn quickly on the job, he showed the commitment to work flexible shifts, demonstrated that he could learn some of the technical demands in his own time and offered to train up his replacement. The key qualities of successful job search that Nail That Job coachees always demonstrate include a deep and accurate understanding of what you have to offer your target employer, and what you need to develop, strong communication skills to persuade the decison makers and a long term direction for your career. 

January provokes much reflection from workers in all industries; the Christmas break often gives us a little time to think about what we really want from our careers and how much or how little progress we made over the last year. If you need some help to sort out your career priorities, or if you know where you are trying to get to but don't know where to start, then just ring 01789 740948, or email for some friendly, free advice and perspective that will set you on the way to career development in 2015.

Your dream job might be three jobs away from where you are now, but if you don't know how to plan and take the intermediate steps between those three roles, how will you ever reach your dream job?

Happy New year and best wishes for your job search.




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