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How to find the right job quickly and efficiently

4th May 2015
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Job search can be a lonely and tiring business. This month I'd like to share some learning from recent clients who have all nailed their target jobs by working hard and staying focused. Most of the tips they use are in my book:  Nail That Job, the complete guide for the less-experienced job seeker, which does what it says on the cover. If you need to nail the right job for you and feel exhausted by your job search, then read on for my key tips that make the most of every precious minute spent looking for your dream job.

First of all, you need to be clear about what you are looking for, why and where that job vacancy might be right now. To do this, please ask yourself the following questions: What are the top 3  skills/tasks/experiences that my target job must offer?  What skills do I have to offer? and Which organisations need me? These are challenging questions to answer as you are the only person to know the right answer. I have helped many job seekers of all ages in a wide range of industries to find those answers. These questions will give you an objective for your job search which will stop you wasting time on looking for vacancies that don't offer what you are looking for. I also remind job seekers of the need to stay practical- you may be able to re-locate anywhere in the world to find your dream job, or you might have to find work within walking distance of your home. As a recruiter, several times, I've offered the job to the best candidate, only for them to decide at that point that they don't actually want to re-locate 100+ miles- what a waste of everyone's time!

Armed with a set of clear objectives for your job search, the next most helpful tip that Nail That Job job seekers use, is to set mini-objectives for each session spent looking, especially when online. For example, you might decide one evening that you will research Company X to discover what opportunities they might have and find out the name of a manager you could phone tomorrow for further information. After 30 minutes, how close are you to finding out that information, or have you slid onto social media to laugh at cat photos?  

Keeping all your paperwork and computer files tidy is a huge benefit when job searching. I spoke recently to one woman who suddenly realised while on the phone that the manager with a slightly familiar name remembered her from 4 months earlier and was wondering why she had not understood the message that there would be no chance of vacancies during 2015. She clearly didn't score highly on the competence 'attention to detail'.

If you think that you need help with a flagging job search or that you just don't know what you are looking for or how to find it, then please email and let's start talking about your job search and how I might be able to help you nail the job that you need.

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