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How to find the right job for you quickly and efficiently

5th January 2014

Happy new year to all job seekers and I sincerely hope that you will find what you need soon. 

This time of year, many people in work are starting to look for their next job. You come back from your Christmas break and everything seems stale and flat; the weather stays wet and cold, Christmas decorations are going back into boxes and Spring still feels a very long way away.

Recent research has suggested that 2014 will be the year of the job move as the first stirrings of recovery are seen: the British Chamber of Commerce revised it's 2014 growth forecast up by  a massive 0.5%  and predicted that national unemployment could fall to 7% by 2015.

Those numbers hide a mountain of frustrated career ambitions from people of all ages in all industries who will be seeing 2014 as their first chance to grow their careers in at least 6 years. Many of you will be thinking about moving jobs for the first time in perhaps 10 or more years. Whatever your job role and however long ago you were last looking, the application process can look pretty scary for those who haven't had much practice lately. In the years since you were last looking, technology has revolutionised how recruiters find their potential job holders, how they attract them, advertise their vacancies, sift  and sort the most appropriate candidates and communicate with potential job holders at every stage of the process. 

To start looking for the right work for you, some vague sense of dissatisfaction with your current role is not enough. Most job seekers will lose heart by February if they choose to simply scan the agenices working in their field or the ads in their trade press. Suddenly, another 12 months passes by and they wonder how come they remain in this dead end role? 

If you need focus and clarity for the next steps of your career, a friendly and objective experienced recruiter to test out your job search ideas with, or simply a fresh pair of eyes to help freshen up your CV, then drop me an email at

I can help you make a success of your New Year resolutions to find a better job this year.

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