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Getting your social media right for job applications

12th April 2013

In recent days we have seen a news frenzy around people losing their jobs as a consequence of comments made on Twitter. In one case, a young woman had not yet even taken up her job before she decided to resign, or was pushed into resigning, depending on which news source you read. A theme is emerging as job applicants and job holders alike are beginning to think through the consequences of public statements on a range of social media.

 Employment lawyers are still debating this issue; the only certainty so far is that the law has not yet caught up with how we are all using and creating content on social media.

 I have also been a little startled in recent weeks by some of my younger clients' comments and behaviours on social media. It is clear that for job seekers of all ages and roles, some 'no-brainer ' rules are emerging:

 1. Think before you press send.

 2. Review your privacy settings.

 3. Consider the impact of your statement or picture on every reader.

4. Research what any recruiter could discover online by merely typing your name into a search engine and if you are not happy, then prune your history. 

5. "To thine own self be true" ( Shakespeare, the genius who captured all human behaviour)

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