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Get your CV to work harder

20th July 2017

 I've been recruiting a lot recently and, while we were delighted to secure some cracking candidates for our vacancies, we were very disappointed at the standard of some CVs that came in for these posts. The most disappointing thing was the fact that these applicants were pretty experienced in some fairly senior roles and still managed to show shocking levels of arrogance and irrelevance. I have written about this before, but it will help you to read again some very simple rules about how to catch my attention when I'm recruiting. 


First of all, please give the recruiter relevant information about your skills and experiences that match the skills that they are looking for. For example, please don’t waste 8 lines in a 1000 word limit to answer: ”Please outline why you are an suitable candidate for this role” by telling me about your hobbies, none of which show skills that are transferable to my vacancy.


Secondly, please give me lots of concrete evidence in your CV or application form that show what you have achieved for past employers. Anything that can be measured by numbers, (sales, reduced errors or waste, time saved to deliver something, higher quality standards, fewer customer complaints….) really impresses a recruiter. We are looking for candidates who understand what they have achieved for past employers and are signaling what they could achieve for future employers. Recruiters notice evidence of impact above a mere list of your job description. Want to know more details about how to make your CV attractive and noticeable? Have a look at my book: “Nail That Job, the Complete Guide for the less-experienced job-seeker” described as “ the best guide I’ve ever read about how to land the right job” by an H. R. director.



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