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Dealing with the competition in today's jobs market

19th June 2012

I was listening this morning on the radio to a discussion about how parents should behave to help their children learn about competition. The context of the conversation was school sports days and whether parents should try hard to win, lose or just try hard. I heard a variety of opinons expressed on the issue of winning at all costs and the lessons to be learmed from sports days. I started reflecting on my work with jobseekers and their variety of attitudes to the effort needed to nail the right job in the current climate.

 Some people I coach approach their jobhunt with a rather fatalistic air. We all know about the scale of the task needed to research your target market and yourself and present your many talents to your best advantage. The effort to do this, particularly when you currently don't even know what roles might take your fancy, can seem vast and overwhelming. Sometimes the effort appears to be so huge, we can't even work out where to start- comfortably staying put, however  disgreeable in the long term, can feel like the easy option. 

 By following the Nail That Job process, I help to break down that huge task into easy to manage stages (have a look at past blogs for some ideas about the order in which to tackle the task).  I prize quality above quantity, while recognising that quantity is also needed in many job markets right now. You cannot build a decent CV without knowing who you are and what you want.  This is the focus of Chapter 1 of Nail That Job, the complete guide for the less experienced jobseeker. I take time to explore with a job seeker what they are looking for from their next role, what they need from their next role, what they have enjoyed doing in past roles or would like to do in future ones, what they want to leave behind or avoid and what they want to learn and how they might show off what they have already learned.

The one thing we don't waste time talking about is the competition- the best way to beat them is to make sure that your presentation is of the highest quality and is the most appropriate. These are the CVs that are selected for interview. 


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