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  • Get your CV to work harder


     I've been recruiting a lot recently and, while we were delighted to secure some cracking candidates for our vacancies, we were very disappointed at the standard of some CVs that came in for these posts. The most disappointing thing was the fact that these applicants were pretty experienced in some fairly senior roles and still managed to show shocking levels of arrogance and irrelevance. Read more »

  • New successes for Nail That Job applicants landing places on Masters programmes


    "Quite the best application I've seen in many years" This is the comment from a University professor congratulating another Nail That Job successful applicant. This young person landed a place on a very competitive Masters programme, after help from Nail That Job in supporting her application. Read more »

  • Nail That Job helps more jobseekers land the job of their dreams!


    Amongst our many recent successes in helping younger job seekers achieve the jobs of their dreams, Steve has just secured a one-in-a-thousand chance of success. He was one of 6000 applicants who landed one of 6 places on a coveted professional training programme with an high-profile, UK based, multi-national business. Read more »

  • New Year, New Job? Find out how to make sure it is the right new job....


    January is usually my busiest time of year as many people return to work after the Christmas break and resolve to change jobs in the coming year. The sad fact is that fewer than 20% of those resolutions are kept and typically most people will start January 2017 in the same job. Read more »

  • How to sharpen up your job search


    The seasons change around us and as autumn approaches, many workers decide to look for a new job, prompted to look for change: more challenge or less stress. Many start browsing websites randomly, or even start dreaming of a dramatic change of career. Read more »

  • Using the holiday season to refresh your job search


    Whether you are lucky enough to get sun, sea and sand, or simply a few days rest from the daily grind, summer breaks are the perfect time to pause and plan the next stage of your job search. Are you ready for it? Read more »

  • How to nail your job interview before you even arrive


    It is a truth universally acknowledged by recruiters that most job interviews are won or lost before the candidate even steps through the door. Sadly, many candidates don't appear to realise this. Read more »

  • How to find the right job quickly and efficiently


    Job search can be a lonely and tiring business. This month I'd like to share some learning from recent clients who have all nailed their target jobs by working hard and staying focused. Most of the tips they use are in my book:  Nail That Job, the complete guide for the less-experienced job seeker, which does what it says on the cover. Read more »

  • How to complete a brilliant application form


    This month, I decided to blog about application forms, having come across a few shockers recently. Many job adverts now demand that you complete their standard form rather than submit a CV. This helps us recruiters to sift all applications in the same format, making it easier to see how each candidate fits our vacancy. Read more »

  • How to nail that promotion


    Inspired by L.’s success last month in securing an internal promotion at her third attempt, this time assisted by Nail That Job, this month’s post is about how to tackle that most tricky of job applications- the internal promotion. Read more »