CV development

successful CV

Your CV is your sales brochure and your passport to an interview. Does your current CV do that for you? Does it describe precisely how your skills and experience match the vacancy that you are targetiing?

If you are unsure about how to best present yourself, or feel that your CV simply lacks presence, find out here how we can help you refresh it.....

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Job Search Support

nail the right job for you

Do you know where to start looking for the right job for you? Have you been in your current role for some time and feel stale? Are you simply confused by all the potential options for your career development?

If you need help to clarify where you want to go and how to get there, then find out more about our job search coaching...

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Nail That Job: the book!

nail that Job, the complete guide for the less-experienced job seeker.  all the hints and tips you need from an experienced recruiter expert advice to nail the right job for youpractical action plan to land the right job

Nail That Job, the complete guide for the less-experienced jobseeker, offers you a wealth of experience, hints and tips that will guide you through the maze of modern job seeking. This user-friendly book will help you find the right job for you. Find out exactly what recruiters are looking for when you apply for jobs ........

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Nail That Job Workshops and Seminars

You can learn how to polish your CV, make the most of your work experience and practise for interviews at an action-packed Nail That Job workshop. These interactive and practical sessions range from a powerful, one day course giving you all the job search tips to reach and impress the recruiters of your ideal next job, to bite size seminars focused on one issue. Find out more here...

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Welcome to Nail That Job

Do you need some support and focus in your job hunt?

Has it been a long time since you were last job searching?

Would you like to be offered your dream job?

Nail That Job can help you at every stage of your job search journey. We are your friendly support team who will help you to succeed at your next interview. We can work with you to:

  • focus your job search 
  • help you develop your CV to attract the right attention from recruiters
  • prepare effectively so you will shine at your next interview
  • begin the next stage of your career with confidence and credibility.

Our key trainer is Sian Case, an experienced recruiter, trainer of recruiters and job search coach. She can offer you the recruiter’s view of how candidates are assessed in the modern market. You will learn how to ensure that your CV or application form will generate an interview. Your application will stand out from the crowd as positive and appropriate and your performance at interview or assessment centre will impress. We have a range of ways to help you: a vital book, 'Nail That Job, the complete guide for the less-experienced jobseeker', learn here how to nail the right job for youYour job search could also benefit from personalised phone/skype or face to face coaching, or you could join a powerful and friendly workshop or seminar. To take your first step towards your dream job, just email  or ring 01789 740948 for a free, no obligation chat about your job search needs. Learn more about Sian's experience on her Linkedin page

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Reviews of Nail That Job: 

" I honestly bought this after reading an article by Sian Case in the Guardian. I needed that extra boost of confidence and clarity before applying for jobs... This book is to the point, humorous, and really helps make things clear in your head." Recent graduate

"...This is a great book that covers everything .... in a very straightforward and helpful way...What this book does is make the task of finding and applying for work much less arduous, ... In essence, Nail That Job is a fantastic resource and one that I can see people making good use of in these challenging times of unemployment."  Barry Cullen, Employer Relations Manager at the National Care Association, supporting youngsters into work for over 10 years

" Very meaty and easy to use" Mother of a teenager

" At last a straightforward guide that helps the youngster tell their story in a way that employers understand" Mother of a sixth former

" This gem of a Handbook is packed full of good, practical advice for job seekers, students, or anyone who simply wishes to improve their CV or interview technique. Sian Case has banished all the mystique... and with simple tips and self assessment charts, wrapped in no nonsense language, she has well and truly "nailed" the problems facing job seekers, providing instantly attainable solutions. Highly recommended" Secondary Deputy Head

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